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Ich bin dein Herr und Meister - Musings and stuff
Ich bin dein Herr und Meister
^Believe it. Bow to me.

Wow, only a surprisingly small amount of French homework this week.
I dread French because of my fucking class x: Hate them.
My nan's funeral is on Friday. I have never been to a funeral before. People think I'm being cold because I haven't shown much emotion towards her death. I don't tend to. Well, that's a lie; I am sad over relatives dying, but I don't cry and cry and cry. I just tend to burst out into tears briefly randomly because of it. I never normally cry whilst being informed that they're dead/informing others.

But I'm having a shit few weeks as it is without grandparents dying and funerals so sorry if I seem a bit cold, numb or mask-y like I'm putting emotions on.

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