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Musings and stuff
I should update this thing more. Yeah.
Nnh, Exeter on Tuesday for the seminar about going to Auschwitz. Then Auschwitz a week later, on the 28th o_o
Don't want to go back to college *sob*
I want to write Aleksey's background right now c: He was such a sweetie.
I had a dream with a certain blond bastard and his boyfriend last night. It wasn't another "YOU MUST DO BALLROOM DANCE TO SAVE THEM FROM RAPE" one, thank fuck. They wanted to adopt me because my parents left for Vietnam wtf. Presumably to hit ARVN soldiers hanging off of buses with guitars (OH YES, I REMEMBER THAT DREAM FROM THREE YEARS AGO). So I was like, "okay!" because apparently I'm fine with bigoted bastards now. But I love L, he's so cute and lovely with his general kindness, even if he is a tiny bit unhinged like his 'master' (SerGHEY).

SPEAKING OF WHICH, blond men memeteimz. </obnoxious capslock>

MemeCollapse )

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The maximum is 900 words and I have done...965 D: And 900 is honestly the /very/ maximum. The not-as-maximum is 700.
Well, here it is. (NB: the conclusion is meant to be a sentence saying that; she said to keep it as 'I think my story went well and contrasted/was similar to blahblahblah' ).

And Her People is a dystopian story set in the year 2143, in a union of countries in which less attractive people are despised and used as slave labour. It is part of a story and I chose this type of text as I could allude to things which could come up later in the story and foreshadow various events to keep the reader intrigued.

The piece of writing is set in 'The United Continents of Europe and Asia' (UCEA). The main political view in UCEA is Ricksonism, an offshoot of fascism in which the entire state is controlled by a totalitarian government and their branch of special services which could be linked to the Nazi SS, the Hunters. And Her People is affected by the image of models and attractive actors and actresses in the media. Today, people tend to obsess over cosmetic surgery and losing weight in order to look like their idols. It was also influenced by the use of some prescription drugs and how they are often offered to those with mental health difficulties before therapy (for example, Ritalin or Prozac).

I contrasted and compared my piece with Brave New World in several ways; Brave New World is about oppressing the masses by giving them what they supposedly want mostly by the use of free recreational sex and the drug soma. I contrasted this with the use of violence and threats to oppress people in my own piece, and the use of drugs as control as well. Additionally, in Brave New World, names are used to tell things about the character. For example, Bernard Marx is named for Bernard Shaw and Karl Marx, and his attitudes in the book reflect the radical views of his namesakes – he isn't as content as his fellows in the World State, just how Marx was not content with many political systems at the time. The name of my character - Sergei Johannes Källe - could be considered ironic; Sergei means servant, when in the extract he kills the old leader. Additionally, Johannes means 'God is gracious' and Sergei – who almost sees himself as a god – offered no mercy to Rickson.

In my piece, I have used a lexical set of knives: knife, steel, blade, edge, trench-spike. These words were used to allude to the violence of Rickson's murder, despite how it is never described, and also adds to the atmosphere of fear between the people watching his death. Additionally, these words connote danger, which adds to Sergei's personality somewhat; despite his position as a top Hunter, he is more than able to kill by himself as well as give orders, and suggests a fixation with knives, along with the line, “Surrounded by the means to kill thousands of people at the touch of a button, the direct danger in a knife fight gave life an edge”. I also used a lexical set of ice: cold, Arctic, blue-grey, coolly. I also referred to colder places: Greenland, the Bering Straits and Arkangelsk to add to the lexical set. The set adds to Sergei's rather cold and emotionless way of acting and his personality without explicitly stating it in the text. Additionally, both of these sets add to a darker tone within the piece.

I used the metaphor of 'God' to refer to Rickson's – and later Sergei's – power as leader of UCEA. God' also shows the importance and how they are seen by the people of UCEA, as indestructible and to be worshipped. This is complimented by the name of the Russian place Arkangelsk (Archangel) suggesting Sergei's father who was killed there was Rickson's second in command. The word 'God' connotes omniscience, omnipotence and benevolence. The killing of Rickson suggests he was seen as Godlike, although he wasn't actually so, as he was easily murdered.

The exclamatives, “God is dead – he was ugly, sick and weak!” and “I have smashed God's light! Ugly, sick and weak!” show power and force. The dynamic verb 'smashed' adds to this, and also suggests 'God's' fragility. The adjectives 'ugly, sick and weak' also reflect frailty and suggest that 'God' is undesirable in UCEA if he is ugly. It could also suggest he is unfit for rule by use of 'weak'. The phrase, 'God is dead' could be shocking to the reader, therefore showing the impact Rickson's death would have on UCEA.

In Brave New World, the line, “the light was frozen, dead, a ghost” is used. This could be compared with my own line, “The cold, bright light reflected off of the lenses of his glasses”. The word 'light' connotes hope and warmth, whereas in both pieces it is described as cold, therefore it could allude to situations which may well be hopeless.

In Chapter 10 of Brave New World, the line “the newly-unbottled babes uttered their first yell of horror and amazement” is used, which I contrasted with my own, “then cold ecstasy flowing through his veins, liquid bliss and death in his blood.” Juxtaposition is used in both of this extracts: horror with amazement in Brave New World, then bliss with death in And Her People. The word 'flowing' connotes smoothness, however, which contrasts with Huxley's use of 'yell', suggesting distress. The word 'ecstasy' in my own quote suggests a link with drugs and also the emotion 'ecstasy', which compliments 'bliss' and juxtaposes with 'death' once again. In Brave New World, the word 'amazement' suggests that although the babies are horrified, they are also intrigued by the world around them. Amazement, however, could be considered synonymous with 'awe' and therefore could connote fear as well as full of wonder.

In conclusion, I think that my own piece went well and contrasted well with Brave New World.

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Things to do:

1. Finish English essay. Remember, maximum 900 words.
2. Finish making flashcards (today, tomorrow + Tues)
3. Top-up mobile (£10?)
5. Get sweets
6. Creative writing
7. Get bear and ball (do on Tues.)

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No need for anyone to read this really; it's for my own use, or I'll forget things.

BOLD = might need to get some more
ITALIC = packed

Wear on the coach: Ripped jeans, boots, pink top, black biomechanic hoodie, black coat.

White vest top, green stripy top, black and white stripy long sleeved top, spotty blue top, grey long-sleeved top, grey undershirt, green shirt, black corset top, stripy hoodie
Blue jeans, black jeans, brown skirt, tartan skirt, white shorts (denim shorts?), khaki 3/4 lengths. denim shorts.
Pants, bras, socks, tights, PJs.
Grey Converse

Khaki jacket

Eyeliner (blue and black), eyeshadow (black and brown, got some blue), mascara
Blusher, powder
powder brush, blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, mirror, tweezers
comb, hair straighteners
sunglasses, seeing-glasses
spray, deodorant
Haematite doughnut, ankh, evil eye bracelet, obsidian bracelet, 16th birthday necklace, a pair of studs for my ears, bar for helix just in case, 16th birthday ear studs.

Cotton buddies, paracetamol, ibuprofen, pills, cotton wool, tissues, handgel, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, soap, razors, towel (one for washing, one for swimming), flannel, alarm clock, toothbrush, toothpaste, showergel.

Plain paper and lined paper, diary.
Politics and history textbooks, Arcadia.
Art stuff: Copics, mechanical pencil, graphite, wooden pencils, rubber, various kinds of inking pen, pencil sharpener, nice coloured pencils.
Reading books (choose some!)
MP3 players (1st: Creative Zen MX, 2nd: the one held together by tape, 3rd: the one that takes batteries but can only hold...20 or so songs) and chargers.
DS and charger (Games: Pokemon Pearl lol, FFIII, Valkyrie Profile, FFTA2, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Sapphire, FFTA)

EU health insurance card (in purse)
French grammar book
French dictionary
Book of colloquial French

Mobile and charger (fully charged, top up on Sunday)
Purse with Euros (Mum is getting Euros on Mon. )

Jam, Cornish fudge. It was decided that explaining 'yeast sediment' and 'bottle conditioned' would be too hard

For the way there: crisps, health food snacks (chewy bars, fruseli, sesame snaps etc) sweets. Water.
Just-in-case food: falafel mix, that cous-cous packet in the cupboard, super noodles, sweets

Jelly (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant)
The books we were given by the council, some Mr Men books.
Recipes (biscuits, scones, buns, apple crumble)
Photo of me in school uniform to show them how it looks
A small teddy bear
A soft ball

Flashcards (have done animals [cat, dog, rat, bird, fish, rabbit] and numbers [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10, +, and -]. Need to do more animals, fruit, vegetables, food, class-related words [chair, pen, pencil, maths, art etc], maybe some other words [boy, girl, tree, house etc] and clothes [dress, top, jacket, coat, scarf etc] )
English songs and rhymes (Incy-wincy spider, Old Macdonald, Wheels on the Bus, Baa-baa Black Sheep etc)
English games (Simon Says, What's the time Mr Wolf?, Hangman, Bingo, Farmer Farmer, Noughts and Crosses etc)

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^Believe it. Bow to me.

Wow, only a surprisingly small amount of French homework this week.
I dread French because of my fucking class x: Hate them.
My nan's funeral is on Friday. I have never been to a funeral before. People think I'm being cold because I haven't shown much emotion towards her death. I don't tend to. Well, that's a lie; I am sad over relatives dying, but I don't cry and cry and cry. I just tend to burst out into tears briefly randomly because of it. I never normally cry whilst being informed that they're dead/informing others.

But I'm having a shit few weeks as it is without grandparents dying and funerals so sorry if I seem a bit cold, numb or mask-y like I'm putting emotions on.

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Sorry if I'm not on much right now or replying.
I'm having problems IRL with shitty moods and shitty people making me feel shitty x: And various other things. Whenever I draw it goes wrong lately, so don't expect any art for a while ):

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My boobs and shoulders are too big for this top lalalala.
Go away, boobs.
Life would be easier if you weren't in the way.
Same with you, fringe.

Strawberry creams are nice.

I was going to go out on my bike today, but for some unfathomable reason my dad had removed the front wheel o_o And I had to look after my sister whilst they went for a walk, so that couldn't happen.
I might try to join the gym near college so I can do some running and cycling after college with out having to worry about it being dark/getting run over.

Why the hell did our French teacher send us three copies of the same sheet? s:

I hate people.
Don't want college tomorrow ):

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Did 'What price liberty?' today, which was fucking amazing.
Kate Adie is indeed a great lady. You do not mess with her. She's very...formidable.
I asked a questions and started a big discussion (: I also met two awesome old people and one awesome guy with lonnggg dreadlocks. And had four slices of cake.
And some racist old guy left our discussion group because he was verbally slapped by this other old guy. It was epic.
And there was a conspiracy theorist.
But mainly the people were cool and fun. One of the guys is staring a discussion group/pressure group about it and will send details.
I learnt new things!
In all, it was a great experience.

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I have another hole in my ear (four now). It's a second ring in my right ear, and the gauge is a little bigger than my helix; maybe 8-gauge (which is just over 3mil, I think; my helix is 2mil). It looks kind of funny; the hole beneath is...whatever size piercing guns use and a pretty stud, and the hole above is much bigger and a plain stainless steel CBR (:
I was scared they'd use a gun because one of my classmates just got her nose done with a gun, but it turns out that was somewhere different. I asked the lady who draws out the tattoos and reassured me that they always use needles. I'd much rather pay £15 for it to be done well with a needle than £4 with a gun. It hurts so much less as well! I know people who have had their helix done with a gun and said it hurt like hell, but the only thing I felt was the clamp when I had mine pierced.
Also: http://tattoo.about.com/cs/psafety/a/piercing_guns.htm

Oh, the piercist said my ear isn't too small for an industrial piercing; he said it just means he'll have to do it with a smaller bar. I might have that done on my birthday, but Ill ask if he can put two bars or CBRs in; I heard that putting the long barbell in first can make cleaning awkward.
Also, it irritates me when people whine about needing numbing spray when they have lobe or ear cartilage piercings. I mean, hell, it's over and done in a few seconds and it's only a little sting. I mean, it's normal to be scared and anxious about how much it hurts, but Christ, it's a quick needle through the ear and out, not a fucking spinal tap. The piercist that's done my new lobe and my helix is very good and reassuring anyway; he talks as he does the piercing.

One of the things I like about my two new piercings is that they've made me more confident with injections. When I had my first HPV jab I was really anxious and scared, but then I had my cartilage piercing and the second jab was much easier.

I should make a list of things I need to do:

1. Join the gym by college and use the exercise equipment or go swimming daily to lose a little weight and also tone my muscles (but not my deltoids; those are pretty well developed and I have broad shoulders as it is).
2. Try and do more stuff for charity; join other pressure groups etc. I love helping other people!
3. See if I can get politics-related internships.
4. Sort my hair out; grow it to see what it looks like. If it's terrible, lop it off, maybe get a mohawk. Speak to parents about what they think about me maybe getting my septum pierced whilst I live with them.
5. Join the LGBTQ youth group near by. Maybe see about Hear our Voice again.
6. Maybe see about getting a new phone that doesn't hate me.
7. Try to get a cool job.

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I feel really, really shitty so sorry if I snap or just seem really crappy.

I want a mohawk right now, and I might get one providing I can find somewhere that'll give me a job crazy hair or none, and that my parents don't mind.
I've actually wanted one for a while, but the closest I've gotten was where I asked the hairdresser to cut me hair short, straighten it, etc, and she gelled the top because she wanted to play around with it herself. It looked cool.
I'm going to lose a little weight first, though, because it'd look better if I had a less-round face |D
Also, it was fucking irritating, this girl who says she's not girly but is was like "OMG IT WILL RUIN YOUR HAAAAIIIIR OMG IT'LL LOOK HIDEOUS YOU'RE A GIRRRRLLLL".
Also, if it looks crap I can just have a pixie cut again.
And my fringe is already annexing my face and I wish it'd piss off and go an increase the size of its army...hair...whatever.

The head of student services at my school gave me the webpage for LGBT groups nearby.
My counsellor says I should try and tell more people who I know will be accepting so I can get into the swing of describing my gender (or lack of it at times) because not many people know what it is.
Ehhh, which people? I want to tell Aaron because he's gay and know the agonies of coming out and stuff, but I only saw him on the bus really quickly today and he didn't seem interested in yacking away to me.

My bag broke.
I'll have to fix it tomorrow. I tried fizing it on the bus with my ear-safety-pin, but it didn't like that. Ear-safety-pins are useful; now if anyone complains of clothing breaking, I can produce a safety pin to save them with...FROM MY EAR.
For now I'm using the fake 'Coverstory hotstar' (read: Converse) one I was dumped with at the clothes show because the guy needed to get rid of them |D Because the fakeness is irritating and so ridiculous I laugh every time I read "coverstory hotstar share you the lives!" I painted all the stuff in black acrylic apart from the star on the back. I'll probably paint on my name, maybe a feather like my old bag, and maaaybe give the star on the back some little biomechanical wings. Or other things, IDK yet. Hopefully it can hold my books, water bottle, pens and other stuff :s If not, I'm sure I can survive a day with only one notebook and no sketchbook baaawww. I can doodle people in my notebook.
People like SerGHEY and Dierk and Rick and Jarek and Kav.
I can't draw women any more, I swear. Apart from Inke, because Inke is pretty much...not very womanly. I shall have to practise.

Ow. Shooting pains where my appendix was.
Could be ovulation.
It's called Mittelschmertz (Middle pain. German medical words? First I've heard of 'em) and can feel like appendicitis, even if you don't have an appendix.
And it's fading a little.

Oh, apparently at that 'What Price Liberty?' seminar-discussion-group-thing I'm going to on Saturday, there will be security guards. In case there are radical people trying to break in and attack us and the seminar leader or something, or so Siobhan said.

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