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For France - Musings and stuff
For France
No need for anyone to read this really; it's for my own use, or I'll forget things.

BOLD = might need to get some more
ITALIC = packed

Wear on the coach: Ripped jeans, boots, pink top, black biomechanic hoodie, black coat.

White vest top, green stripy top, black and white stripy long sleeved top, spotty blue top, grey long-sleeved top, grey undershirt, green shirt, black corset top, stripy hoodie
Blue jeans, black jeans, brown skirt, tartan skirt, white shorts (denim shorts?), khaki 3/4 lengths. denim shorts.
Pants, bras, socks, tights, PJs.
Grey Converse

Khaki jacket

Eyeliner (blue and black), eyeshadow (black and brown, got some blue), mascara
Blusher, powder
powder brush, blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, mirror, tweezers
comb, hair straighteners
sunglasses, seeing-glasses
spray, deodorant
Haematite doughnut, ankh, evil eye bracelet, obsidian bracelet, 16th birthday necklace, a pair of studs for my ears, bar for helix just in case, 16th birthday ear studs.

Cotton buddies, paracetamol, ibuprofen, pills, cotton wool, tissues, handgel, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, soap, razors, towel (one for washing, one for swimming), flannel, alarm clock, toothbrush, toothpaste, showergel.

Plain paper and lined paper, diary.
Politics and history textbooks, Arcadia.
Art stuff: Copics, mechanical pencil, graphite, wooden pencils, rubber, various kinds of inking pen, pencil sharpener, nice coloured pencils.
Reading books (choose some!)
MP3 players (1st: Creative Zen MX, 2nd: the one held together by tape, 3rd: the one that takes batteries but can only hold...20 or so songs) and chargers.
DS and charger (Games: Pokemon Pearl lol, FFIII, Valkyrie Profile, FFTA2, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Sapphire, FFTA)

EU health insurance card (in purse)
French grammar book
French dictionary
Book of colloquial French

Mobile and charger (fully charged, top up on Sunday)
Purse with Euros (Mum is getting Euros on Mon. )

Jam, Cornish fudge. It was decided that explaining 'yeast sediment' and 'bottle conditioned' would be too hard

For the way there: crisps, health food snacks (chewy bars, fruseli, sesame snaps etc) sweets. Water.
Just-in-case food: falafel mix, that cous-cous packet in the cupboard, super noodles, sweets

Jelly (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant)
The books we were given by the council, some Mr Men books.
Recipes (biscuits, scones, buns, apple crumble)
Photo of me in school uniform to show them how it looks
A small teddy bear
A soft ball

Flashcards (have done animals [cat, dog, rat, bird, fish, rabbit] and numbers [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10, +, and -]. Need to do more animals, fruit, vegetables, food, class-related words [chair, pen, pencil, maths, art etc], maybe some other words [boy, girl, tree, house etc] and clothes [dress, top, jacket, coat, scarf etc] )
English songs and rhymes (Incy-wincy spider, Old Macdonald, Wheels on the Bus, Baa-baa Black Sheep etc)
English games (Simon Says, What's the time Mr Wolf?, Hangman, Bingo, Farmer Farmer, Noughts and Crosses etc)

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